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Get a quote at your finger tips Receive car loan and paperwork support for vehicle transactions

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What Carsnap Offers You?

Car Loan Assistance

Effortlessly navigate car loans with our guidance. We assist buyers in loan applications and help sellers settle any outstanding loans.

Motor Insurance Solutions

Streamline insurance processes - we aid buyers in securing motor insurance and manage refunds for sellers.

Hassle-Free Ownership Transfer

Trust us to manage the entire LTA vehicle transfer process, ensuring a seamless and hiccup-free experience.

Seamless Payment Handling

Experience a smooth, transparent payment process. We expertly facilitate all transactions, ensuring peace of mind.

Your Preferred Choice

Singapore's Leading Automotive Platform

With a stellar 4.9/5 rating in our social media reviews, our credibility speaks for itself. Serving hundreds of happy car owners monthly in Singapore.

Safe and Reliable

We uphold a balanced approach, ensuring all parties are satisfied. Should any disputes arise, our intervention guarantees fairness and clarity every step of the way.

Seamless and Efficient Service

We expertly coordinate the entire vehicle ownership transfer process. From securing bank loans to finalising paperwork, we guarantee a smooth transition for both buyers and sellers.

Competitive Solutions

Discover a range of flexible, competitive financing options for your car purchase, whether through banks or in-house. Plus, we assist in finding cost-effective insurance policies from a variety of insurers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure a seamless transition for buyer and seller:

  • Payment Management
  • Document Preparation
  • Seller's Loan Settlement
  • Bank Loan Sourcing for Buyers
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfer
  • Vehicle Evaluation
  • License Plate Number Retention

No need to stress over paperwork or the complexities of car ownership in Singapore. Carsnap streamlines everything for you. Whether it's a straightforward transaction or involves more intricate steps like settling an existing bank loan or securing a new one, we've got you covered. Our team takes charge of all documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with LTA guidelines.

Absolutely! Transparency is key at Carsnap. All fees are clearly discussed and agreed upon before any transaction.

We offer loans from all major banks in Singapore, including in-house financing options, tailored to your needs. For a free consultation and a loan approval process that typically takes 3-5 working days, talk to us.

Yes, you can. Additional admin fees may apply. For more details or to use our services while arranging your own loan or insurance, please contact us.

Interest rates are determined by factors like loan amount, tenure, the borrower's credit rating, and market conditions. Rates vary between different banks and financial institutions.

Yes, foreigners can apply for car loans in Singapore, but they might need to provide additional documents, such as a valid employment pass, proof of residence, and possibly a guarantor.