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With top ratings in social media reviews, we handle significant insurance premiums monthly, serving hundreds of savvy car owners.

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Receive personalized advice and support from a dedicated customer representative who understands your needs and ensures you get the best coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Singapore offers three main types: Comprehensive, Third-Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT), and Third-Party Only (TPO). TPO is mandatory under the Road and Safety Act, offering basic coverage for damages to others. TPFT adds protection against fire and theft, while Comprehensive covers a wide range, including damage to your vehicle and passengers. For COE cars, consider lower-tier plans to save costs.

Premiums vary based on driving experience, No-Claim Discount (NCD), age, gender, vehicle details, occupation, claim history, coverage type, and usage. Carsnap ensures you find the most affordable and suitable policy.

The decision to add named drivers to your policy depends on the additional premium and the frequency of driving. Carsnap can provide the relevant figures to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Renewal is possible three months before expiration. This timeframe allows for road tax renewal and vehicle inspection if needed.

Excess is a fixed amount you pay out of pocket for each claim. It deters minor claims, ensuring motorists share some responsibility and helping keep premiums low.

For each claim-free year, you receive a 10% discount upon renewal, up to a maximum of 50%. Five claim-free years can halve your premium, offering significant savings. Some insurers offer protection on your No Claims Discount (NCD) in the event of a claim. This protection allows you to make one or more claims per year without impacting your no-claims bonus.

Your current insurer holds your NCD records. Contact them directly for this information.

No, there's no obligation. We present options from various insurers for your consideration.

No, our service is cost-free for you. We help compare and find the most suitable insurance options at no additional charge. You pay the same as you would signing up directly.

Coverage typically includes West Malaysia, but the extent and distance from Singapore may vary based on the specific insurance policy.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may receive reimbursements or a rental car when your vehicle is in the workshop.

Most insurance policies require repairs to be done at authorised workshops for own vehicle claims. Choosing a preferred workshop may incur additional premiums.

A4) Refunds depend on the policy terms and duration. No refunds will be provided if there are pending or incurred claims.